Throughout the first term of this year (2018-2019), we start with our new chemistry teacher name Ellie. Ellie had introduced us to many new subjects and many new Labs. These are the subject that Ellie had taught us: scientific method, density, moles number, build an atom, electron configuration, ion, and many more specific and helpful subjects. And this is labs that we had work on so far:  flame test, density lab, measurement lab, and gum lab. Before we start any lab or experiment we need to prepare our-self to wear cloth that protects us from chemicals or any accident while doing the experiment. Moreover, we also need to wear goggle for eyes protection and sneaker for protecting our feet. One of my favorite labs was the flame test, this test allowed me to see news colorful of flame that I never saw before that was interesting and gorgeous. By doing this lab, I understand why do we see colors in the flame? And many interesting new substances.

CamKids-Helping Survey

March 4th, I went to three villages in Kompong to help to survey villager for Statistic Exploration. I was volunteered to go because I want to get new experiences plus, those village located near my hometown. In the survey, they include questions that asking about there personal daily life feature problems. The questions also include about, nutrition, and education in families. After I finish all of the surveys, I learned so many things from the survey and the community problems. In three communities, most of the villagers don’t have access to clean toilet, electricity, health care and education as a normal community in Cambodia.

Khmer Sight Foundation Mission #3

On the 9th of January 2018, me and others Liger students when to Metro Clinic to help Khmer Sight Foundation. This is my third mission with this foundation, this mission is a bit different from other mission. For this term, we work at the clinic and not work in communities like before. Working in the clinic, make me gain more knowledge of the building. I get to know the eye screening room, the surgery room, and more. We work for one whole day with doctors and patients. Patients start to come to the clinic in morning but doctors start to work at 8 am, so they have to wait to two to three hours. After every patient checks, we got back to school around 4 pm.

Maker Faire

On the 3rd, March 2018 I when to Maker Faire event that located in Olympic Stadium. When I arrived at Olympic Stadium I saw many booths, every booth also spacial and interested. I like going with my friends to booths that have game and fun category. I went to booths that have games to play because they have prizes. Through those games, I learn so many things from companies and organization. For me, I think games are fun to learn and earn prizes. The biggest companies that involve with Maker Faire this year are Coca-Cola and Smart. Coca-Cola, as you know it’s a soda drink company, Smart is a phone service Company.


On 18th, January 2018 I when to Vagabond Temple that located in Kab for a relaxing trip to release stress, to meditate, and to disconnect my self from any technology divides. When I arrive Vagabond, I already feel relax and peaceful. Vagabond environment was green, plus it’s built on a mountain. There were six Liger students when on this trip, two boys and four girls. The meditation was wonderful I learn so many things throughout each section. Something that challenges me the most was the food, at Vagabond everyone is vegan. At Liger we have one day a week to be vegetarian which mean we don’t eat meat but we can eat eggs, vegan is different because anything that related to animals they eat like eggs. So this means there no egg or meat at all, for me that it a lesson about vegan. After all, it was a great experience and I would like to thank all facilitators that make this happen.

Khmer Sight Foundation- Mission 2

On December 9th, 2017, I continued to keep up with Khmer Sight Foundation and a goal of fixing Cambodian eye issue. Khmer Sight Foundation is a non-profit organization who help people who have eye problems, Khmer Sight Foundation also have a huge clinic in Phnom Phen City for that patient who needs surgery. My last mission with this organization was at Kampong Province, and the location that we work with is near my hometown call Khrong Chek. This is my second mission to go an island name Dach and helping translating for patients who need eye screening, it was a wonderful time to work with people and feeling happy to see patient getting excited waiting for their eye to be fixed. After all the hard work, I get more and more experient to meeting people new people and a taste of being an eye doctor.

Khmer Sight Foundation

On the 18th, November 2017 I volunteer to go to Kompong Spue province which is my hometown, to help to translate for doctors in Khmer Sight Found. Khmer Sigh Foundation is a non-profit organization who help people that have eye issue, Khmer Sight Foundation decided to go a rural village name Chba Chrus to help people who can’t afford eye surgery and medicine. There were 10 Liger students volunteer to translate including me. At Chbar Chrus the doctors screening all the passions to find 15 passions who need to eye surgery. After screening and found all 15 passions who need eye surgery, we come back to Phnom Phen with the passions who need the surgery also.


In my Khmer expertise class, I took it because I want to improve my writing and reading skill. What I need to work are, writing faster and nicer, reading with good speed and understanding.

After the class ended I felt I was improving with all those skills.


Here are some changes that I make


Hidden Voice

Hello my exploration is Hidden voice our group have 13 students and our facilitator is three is Sopporn Trish and Rich. Our goal for this exploration is to find old song befor Khmer rouge. Our group had when to a lot provide to to interview the villager to find old song and we have whent to Kompong Spue and Mondulkiri and we have interviewed the Bunong people and people in Kompong spue market and famous singer. Our group had when to Camkid school to interview the old elder in Chba chrus village in Kompong Speu province. And our group had interview Liger student’s parent by phone. Our Exploration want to show the world and Cambodian about the art of singing in the old day in the 60s.

Personal Narrative

In my literacy class this first term for our year six, I started literacy with my new teacher name Cara. One of our assignment in class was, to write a personal narrative. Other students have many creative ideas that they want to write for this assignment, but I have an idea of writing about my explorient in the Liger Leadership Academy. I want write this assignment about my experience in the Liger Leadership Academy because I want to express my feeling, and share with people. And here is my ASAY:


I think everyone knows that we all have one day or times that can change my entire life just a moment. Have anyone  have that experience ?, I think So, I have experienced it’s,  and I think I will face more as I walk through the meaning of life. Life changing moment happens any time or any second. For me when my life changes pretty fast,  it’s hard and challenging. But I still keep going, even though it really hard for me.


My life has changed as I came to the Liger Leadership Academy,  when I came to Liger, I was only seven. I don’t know how to do house chores, washing cloth, and etc. As I adapt into the Liger family, and it’s was hard. I need to learn new things and more as I grow. Literally, every day I learn something new.  I came to the Liger Leadership Academy because I passed the test to joint Liger, Liger is special,  when I lived here I felt Liger isn’t s school but it’s a family to me. Liger is where my life-changing moment happened, and started, So there are many challenges that I passed in six years of learning, Now I’m 13 years old. In the first years of school, I learn about communication with people and also I learn to take responsibility.  


When I lived here more and more I realize I need to start talking with more people and build relationship with people more, because I want to another family here and where I can trust. Building relationship isn’t easy at all. As I going through with making friends, I need to understand them properly and precisely, before I make a single move. I realized friend behavior is vital to know and understand them well, also understanding their behavior helps me to stay connected with my friends. So, realizing that this friend or that friend is behavior important and also vital for my relationship. For (example: My friend Sam she is a sensitive person, so before I talk something to Sam, I need to think before I talk ). Not just with friends, also with the staff,  I learned to build relationship with them also. One important thing that I learned about staff was that, they all want our respect and trust event we make a wrong move. As I experience, when I did something wrong,  they always tell us what wrong because they want us to understand our mistake and don’t make that mistake again.


As a kid, we don’t care a lot about responsibility, but for me when I moved to Liger, everything turned into the opposite, I always leave my cloth messy and let my mom wash it. This happened when I’m at my own home. But, this never happened at Liger, in Liger I need to learn how to wash it, because my mom isn’t. Things that my family just usually did it for me turn out  things I need to do it for myself, back. The best ways for me to take good responsibility for me, is to make a plan and a daily schedule on a piece of paper. Today I will do this and tomorrow I’m going to do this, so that is my strategy to do all of those responsibilities. After all, even I’m don’t know how to do things what most people can, I still keep going and learning.

For me now, I felt kind of proud of myself that I can go through all of those challenges even though, I was kid and start from the bottom. During that life-changing moment, I walk through a lot of giving up though, like “I can’t do this, it so hard!!” But just try!! Before I say I can’t. Therefore everyone shouldn’t give up on some things that they never done it before, just try and try. Moreover, people also can find a strategy that the best for them on something they have struggle on, to use as weapon when there is war. In addition, to overcome that challenge, it needs to start from yourself need to have a firm commitment.