Throughout the first term of this year (2018-2019), we start with our new chemistry teacher name Ellie. Ellie had introduced us to many new subjects and many new Labs. These are the subject that Ellie had taught us: scientific method, density, moles number, build an atom, electron configuration, ion, and many more specific and helpful subjects. And this is labs that we had work on so far:  flame test, density lab, measurement lab, and gum lab. Before we start any lab or experiment we need to prepare our-self to wear cloth that protects us from chemicals or any accident while doing the experiment. Moreover, we also need to wear goggle for eyes protection and sneaker for protecting our feet. One of my favorite labs was the flame test, this test allowed me to see news colorful of flame that I never saw before that was interesting and gorgeous. By doing this lab, I understand why do we see colors in the flame? And many interesting new substances.

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