Personal Narrative

In my literacy class this first term for our year six, I started literacy with my new teacher name Cara. One of our assignment in class was, to write a personal narrative. Other students have many creative ideas that they want to write for this assignment, but I have an idea of writing about my explorient in the Liger Leadership Academy. I want write this assignment about my experience in the Liger Leadership Academy because I want to express my feeling, and share with people. And here is my ASAY:


I think everyone knows that we all have one day or times that can change my entire life just a moment. Have anyone  have that experience ?, I think So, I have experienced it’s,  and I think I will face more as I walk through the meaning of life. Life changing moment happens any time or any second. For me when my life changes pretty fast,  it’s hard and challenging. But I still keep going, even though it really hard for me.


My life has changed as I came to the Liger Leadership Academy,  when I came to Liger, I was only seven. I don’t know how to do house chores, washing cloth, and etc. As I adapt into the Liger family, and it’s was hard. I need to learn new things and more as I grow. Literally, every day I learn something new.  I came to the Liger Leadership Academy because I passed the test to joint Liger, Liger is special,  when I lived here I felt Liger isn’t s school but it’s a family to me. Liger is where my life-changing moment happened, and started, So there are many challenges that I passed in six years of learning, Now I’m 13 years old. In the first years of school, I learn about communication with people and also I learn to take responsibility.  


When I lived here more and more I realize I need to start talking with more people and build relationship with people more, because I want to another family here and where I can trust. Building relationship isn’t easy at all. As I going through with making friends, I need to understand them properly and precisely, before I make a single move. I realized friend behavior is vital to know and understand them well, also understanding their behavior helps me to stay connected with my friends. So, realizing that this friend or that friend is behavior important and also vital for my relationship. For (example: My friend Sam she is a sensitive person, so before I talk something to Sam, I need to think before I talk ). Not just with friends, also with the staff,  I learned to build relationship with them also. One important thing that I learned about staff was that, they all want our respect and trust event we make a wrong move. As I experience, when I did something wrong,  they always tell us what wrong because they want us to understand our mistake and don’t make that mistake again.


As a kid, we don’t care a lot about responsibility, but for me when I moved to Liger, everything turned into the opposite, I always leave my cloth messy and let my mom wash it. This happened when I’m at my own home. But, this never happened at Liger, in Liger I need to learn how to wash it, because my mom isn’t. Things that my family just usually did it for me turn out  things I need to do it for myself, back. The best ways for me to take good responsibility for me, is to make a plan and a daily schedule on a piece of paper. Today I will do this and tomorrow I’m going to do this, so that is my strategy to do all of those responsibilities. After all, even I’m don’t know how to do things what most people can, I still keep going and learning.

For me now, I felt kind of proud of myself that I can go through all of those challenges even though, I was kid and start from the bottom. During that life-changing moment, I walk through a lot of giving up though, like “I can’t do this, it so hard!!” But just try!! Before I say I can’t. Therefore everyone shouldn’t give up on some things that they never done it before, just try and try. Moreover, people also can find a strategy that the best for them on something they have struggle on, to use as weapon when there is war. In addition, to overcome that challenge, it needs to start from yourself need to have a firm commitment.  


Statistic Test Preparation

On Saturday the 14, October 2017 in the morning, all fifty Liger students started their first (SAT) practice, test or Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT test is vital because it helps us to prepare for college and tell us where we should work on before entering college. My teacher Jeff expect that I’m going to do badly on this and some of my class member because of our age, we just thirteen, we have two years and a half to go and he said that don’t worry I’ll have a lot of times to practice. I also said that this Saturday just to get me to know and feel about the test. The test divided into four sections, there’s reading, writing and language, also math (no calculator), and math with a calculator. After the test end, I think got a lot of experience and scored.

Khmer History

Name of Course: Advanced Khmer History

Learning Facilitator: Darath

Number of Students: 10

Dates: Oct. 20 – Jan. 16

Days we Meet: Monday and Tuesday

Description: In Liger we learned about Khmer History. We like to learn Khmer History because it talks about Khmer Rouge. Khmer Rouge was the one story that we remember all the time and it very sad for Cambodian peopleto hear all those things. Before we started to learn about Khmer Rouge teacher divided us into two groups. One group had to write about what we know about Khmer Rouge and one more group had to write about what we wanted to know more about Khmer Rouge. When we wrote maybe 10-15 minutes we switched each other. Thing that we wanted to know was how many people were killed during Khmer Rouge and thing that we know is Khmer Rouge kill the people who have knowledge and the people that have a good life because they don’t want the good people to come against them. After one day we  picked a partner and did research about Khmer Rouge. Teacher said to us you need to pick lucky draw. It means he wrotethe questions on the paper and tell us to pick. My team picked “How was the process of education, health, economics, religion and international relations after victory of Khmer Rouge?” So when we had that question we needed to do research and write on the paper to make a post. When some words were hard for us to understand we asked friends or teacher. We wrote the hard words on the paper and explained to make other people understand too. At the end of the class we shared our research and what we learned in class. We did the research by website Wikipedia, and the information from teacher that he gave us a recording voice from radio. We did that until we finished and we can do presentation to our friends and teacher. We learned Khmer Rouge told the people to work for them and who not work for them they will kill the people. But when they kill the people they not said you come here I want to kill you, they said come on I take you go to learn. So when Khmer people thought that now I can learn now but when they go other people never saw the people that went to learn come back. Also Khmer Rouge killed teachers, doctors because they didn’t want the people to have knowledge. But some people that good and had knowledge are still alive now because they hid their identity so no one knew. The religion is that Khmer Rouge tell Cham people to eat pork. So Cham people hard to eat because it is wrong with their religion. The relationship of Khmer Rouge is they had with China, North Korea, Egypt, Albania, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam (until December 1977), Romania and Yugoslavia. China is the main backer of Khmer Rouge. Then we began to learn more about Khmer Rouge. When we were in class we learned about the process of Khmer Rouge beginning. The beginning of Khmer Rouge was called Communist Party Cambodia (CPK). They started at 1940. When Lon Nol had the relationship with America he told that country to put the bomb so when Khmer people saw their family die or lost the member so they very angry. When CPK saw that they told the people to join their party to against with Lon Nol for helping Sihanouk. CPK said that because the people like Sihanouk so they will join CPK to help Sihanouk. When CPK had a lots of people in their party they began to go against with Lon Nol and America by the Scholars that support from Vietnam and the Cambodian people too. Also the leader of CPK named Salat Sor. So when CPK won the people wanted to join and work for CPK. When 17, April,1975 the CPK are successful. So Sihanouk named them Khmer Rouge. After the Khmer Rouge won the people in Cambodia had no more food, no more clothes, no more family because Khmer Rouge evacuated their family to another place and made them​ separate. Khmer Rouge wanted to kill the people by accuse them like ex: people not pick the fruit from the tree but they accuse you pick the fruit and then they take that person to kill. One more thing is that they told the girl and the boy meet together and said you need to love this guy. So people needed to do what the Khmer Rouge said. three years, eight months, 20 days have three people help the Cambodian to have a freedom. Their names were Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, and Chea Sim. They supported by Vietnam. So after that Khmer have a better life and no more pressure and have a freedom.

Infographics 2

Advanced Enrichment Name: Infographics 2


Learning Facilitator: Jessica


Number of Students: 9


Advanced Enrichment Dates: Oct. 20 – Jan. 16


Days We Meet: Thursday and Friday


Course Description: On the first day of Infographics class, we drew and labeled the picture to make infographics for The Little Red Hen story. We learned a lot about facts in lots of countries. We learned one new app called Piktochart. We used it to make our personal profile. We did a lot of research. We researched about current events. We researched about the hurricane in Philippines. Another project that we researched was about the South Sudan-the newest country in the world. Next we researched Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Then we would share it with other students. We spent a lot of time doing each project. We used our computer to do research. We read and listened to find information.

Anatomy 1 Description

Name of Course: Anatomy 1


Learning Facilitator: Jo


Number of Students: 12 students


Days We meet: August 12 – October 17


Course Description: In this Advanced Enrichment we learned about body. Our bodies have four systems: Skeletal system (bones), Digestive system (stomach), Respiratory system (lungs), Circulatory system (heart). We watched the video about people’s bodies. The digestive system is the system that help to break down the food and take the nutrients from the food and take the waste out of body. Digestive system is very important for our body because it helpsyou to break down the food into small pieces. The skeletal system is also important in our body because if you break the bones you will have a big problem. You have to go to the hospital and tell the doctor what is the problem. We also did the presentation for people to listen because we want people to take care of their health. In our group we shared into four teams and one team had three people. We had to share our position in the group: one was patient and two were nurse and doctor. We presented four things and they wereSkeletal system, Digestive system, Respiratory system and Circulatory system. People usedsome clothes to wear when they were acting. We watched the videos and read the books to find information.