Future Jobs

Project Summary

Students will identify global problems that impact the future and apply these to changing future jobs; global warming, health issues, water crisis.  They will be able to describe some basic technology responses to the above problems; namely: desalination, alternative fuels and nanotechnology.  Students will use a Google Form to consider future jobs from a global perspectives.    Students will refine and apply interview skills and consider aspects such as body language as an integral component of communication.

Project Outcome

What will students be able to do/write/create/build?

Students will participate in a job shadow program and compare and contrast experiences using Lucid Press and their blog to disseminate information.

Essential Questions

  • How will jobs that help Cambodia look different in the future?

  • What motivates people to choose the jobs they do?


My Reflection

Global Connections

Technology Skills

New skills I have

Interesting Experience…

Visiting SGFE as part of the Future Jobs project
Visiting SGFE as part of the Future Jobs project



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