Dates: November 24, 2014-February 6, 2015

Number of students: 13

Learning Facilitator: Kichong

Essential Questions:

  1. How do you start a business?
  2. What was the main thing you learned during Entrepreneurship?
  3. Write the six terms you think are most important. Why do you think they are most important?
  4. If you could do Entrepreneurship Exploration again, what would you do differently? What product? What team? How to sell? Etc.

Description: Our Exploration was about Entrepreneurship, which means to create something new and that you are passionate about. Basically this Exploration was about how to start a business. Also, this business was not about a big company, but it was about being creative to make a product. After that we printed our product by using a 3D printer. 3D printer is the printer that can print our product from the plastic and it can make three dimensions. First we needed to think about the idea. After we needed to make a prototype to show the people. Then we needed to ask the people for the feedback or anything that they want to change. After that we needed to make a team and then we changed our product, so that it was improved based on what customers need. Then we needed to choose who was our leader. The leader was a person that guided and helped to improve our team. Also, a leader always went first or at the front. For example, when we went to interview the people, the leader could go first to tell them who we are. Finally we could make our product in the 123 D design program and then send it to the printer. The printer will print our product depending on what our product was about.

The main thing that I learned during Entrepreneurship was being a good leader. Also, I learned how to think creatively and about marketing, accounting and designing. Basically I learned how to make a product that could reduce people’s problem.

The six terms that always came up to my mind were RESILIENCE, BIAS, PROACTIVE, PROCESS, INTEGRITY and PROFIT. Why did I choose resilience? I chose resilience because in the business when something bad happened you couldn’t give up, you have to push yourself forward and keep going when things are bad. When you push yourself forward, you had to think if there is anything that you could improve to make your business become better. When you had the product to sell you were not supposed to be biased because all the people had the money to pay you, not just the person that you were biased to that had the money to pay for your product. Another important term that I always thought of was proactive because if you want to make a successful business you have to cause something to happen not just wait for it to happen.  Also, being an entrepreneur you have to make your own process. You are the only one who knows how to achieve the big goal because you made your own steps already.  For sure in entrepreneurship, you have to have integrity to your team or your own business otherwise your business will fail because nobody would trust you. Why do you want to make a business? For sure every person all around the world starts their business because they want a lot of profit in order to feed themselves or their family.