On 18th, January 2018 I when to Vagabond Temple that located in Kab for a relaxing trip to release stress, to meditate, and to disconnect my self from any technology divides. When I arrive Vagabond, I already feel relax and peaceful. Vagabond environment was green, plus it’s built on a mountain. There were six Liger students when on this trip, two boys and four girls. The meditation was wonderful I learn so many things throughout each section. Something that challenges me the most was the food, at Vagabond everyone is vegan. At Liger we have one day a week to be vegetarian which mean we don’t eat meat but we can eat eggs, vegan is different because anything that related to animals they eat like eggs. So this means there no egg or meat at all, for me that it a lesson about vegan. After all, it was a great experience and I would like to thank all facilitators that make this happen.

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